about 1


In the shiny summer of 1986 I was born in Tirgu Mures, in the Hungarian part of Rumania.

I was always a good child.

I don´t understand, why my kids are so evil.

I think, I don´t deserve it.

My hair is brown, my eyes are green, I married a dentist, which was a good decision.



about 2


I was born in the beautiful industrial city of Miskolc, in the Northern part of Hungary.

It was the year of 1972, my mother was wearing very short skirts on the pictures.

The month is not so important. But the day!

It was an even number, since then I only like even numbers.

Though I feel, that I would be more dynamic, creative and brave, if I would prefer the odd numbers, but I can´t help myself.

My favourite number was always the four.

At the age of four x 2 I first tried to emagine infinity.

At the age of four x 4 I had my first kiss.

I died at the age of four x 6.

I could have been the new Picasso.



about 3


I was born at the age of 27.

Walking next to the sea,

all those different shapes,



beautiful lights.

Since then when I smell the salty air of the sea,

I´m going to be born again.